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February 29, 2012

Profiles in Tea: Queen Marie of Romania

The story of how a British princess brought tea to Romania begins in 1874 when Queen Victoria’s son Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, married the daughter of Russia’s Tsar Alexander. The duke and duchess’ eldest daughter, Marie, was born a year later. A bright, free-spirited girl, Marie was blessed with exceptional beauty and was gifted with talents for writing and art.

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Profiles in Tea: Lu Yu

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Lu Yu, author of Cha Jing, or The Classic of Tea, is often referred to as the patron saint of tea. He was a colourful character with expertise in many areas – not only tea.

Born in 733 CE in Jingling, Fuzhou (now Tianmen City, Hubei Province) about 125 miles southwest of Shanghai, Lu Yu was abandoned at the age of three. A Zen master at Longai Monastery found and adopted him.

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Special Diet Tea Time: Vegetarian/Vegan

You’ve sent out the invitations. You’re looking forward to enjoying afternoon tea with friends or family. And then it happens …

Oh no! One of my guests is a vegetarian! Maybe even a vegan! What do I do now??!

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