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June 3, 2012

Tea review: Korean Teuksun green tea

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Loose tea leaves - Teuksun Jaksul Cha

Korean Teuksun green tea (photo courtesy of Hankook Tea Company)

Whenever a tea company wants to give away free samples — no purchase required and no strings attached — in my opinion you’d have to be a fool not to accept them.

Recently Hankook Tea Company posted an offer for samples and I signed right up. Now, I’ve received many tea samples over the years, and have to admit that not all of the teas appealed to me. This one, however, definitely does.

Teuksun is a lovely, fresh (spring 2012) tea from  Korea’s Honam tea estate. While I’m not familiar with this particular garden, I do in general like Korean green teas (see my review of Franchia in NYC).

The tea releases a summer-sweet milky aroma as hot water meets leaves. A three-minute steep with “string of pearls” temperature water produced a smooth and very drinkable cup. The liquor has a lightly creamy texture — not from adding milk or cream, but as an innate quality of the leaf itself. If you’ve never experienced a “creamy” tea — a tea that seems to lightly coat your tongue — this would be a good tea to try.

This is the kind of tea that I’d recommend to green tea newbies because of its smoothness and lack of grassiness. Long-time green tea drinkers will also appreciate its freshness and creaminess.

Hankook sent samples of both loose tea, which this review is based on, and tea in pyramid-style teabags. I usually give teabags away, but I think I’ll keep these.

A browse through their website (my first) revealed a large selection of beautiful tea ware, include a clever travel tea set which I wish I had known about before my recent travels. They currently have some very nice celadon pieces on sale. And, of course, a number of very interesting teas …

I would like to see Hankook add more detail to their non-tea offerings such as material (porcelain, stoneware, etc.) as well as country of origin. That, however, will not keep me from visiting Hankook again.

Please note: Although I received the tea as a free sample, the above opinions are my own. I am not compensated by anyone to review this product.

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  1. Lovely blog!

    Last year, my wife and decided that our (far too frequent) evening happy hours were not very healthy (and expensive). Ever since we have been real tea fanatics and try all sorts of different kinds… You are obviously very experienced and knowledgeable. I am book marking you for the future!

    Comment by sybaritica — June 17, 2012 @ 10:56 am |Reply

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    Comment by Russel Buttimer — March 5, 2013 @ 4:02 pm |Reply

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