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September 5, 2012

Review: Jas-e Tea Premium Lalashan High-Mountain Oolong

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This morning I had the opportunity to sample this tea, from an area of Taiwan that I had never heard of before. Beautifully rolled leaves, a subtle fruity/floral aroma in the newly opened sack.

Prepared it via what I refer to as “modified gong-fu style” (multiple steeps combined in one serving pot). Before adding each steep to the blending pot, I tasted each one separately.

Used my brand-new tea boat, a gift from DH, so I could be as sloppy as I liked :-), along with my favourite clay teapot that has a little duck as a handle for the lid. Hey, quit laughing, it’s cute, and it works!!

As hot water met leaves, I sniffed the aroma. Was that marzipan — ground almonds? Yes it was, followed by a lightly floral aroma. The next steeping produced the same wonderfully warm marzipan/floral aroma. Amazing.

In the cup, the marzipan aroma lingers, tho’ the taste is more fruity and floral. Interestingly, this particular tea is grown in an area surrounded by peach orchards. Have you ever opened a peach stone? It contains a softer “nut” inside that has the taste and aroma of almonds. Hmmmm …

Now as it cools in the cup the almond-ness seems to be trying to work its way out.

This is why I love Taiwan teas, especially oolongs, so much!

All in all a very nice cup. Can’t wait to see what it does in subsequent steeps.

Tea source and information at Jas-e Tea.

A picture of my tea boat.

Really enjoying my tea this morning!

Disclaimer: Apparently stone-fruit nuts contain a small amount of cyanide, so use caution if you decide to taste it!

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