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March 1, 2013

Review: Taiwan Tea Crafts … flowers or florals? (AND a special offer!)

A few days ago I posted a review of Taiwan Tea Crafts’ exquisite Jade Oolong … a very floral green oolong, or pouchong.

Their lovely Alishan High Mountain oolong lot #144 is a delightful example of what I refer to as “flowery” oolongs. Let me explain.

As noted in the previous review, floral teas envelope the drinker in the sweet scent of flower perfume from the first whiff to the last lingering finish on the palate. Flowery oolongs, on the other hand, are more like the flowers themselves rather than the perfume and aroma. Well yes, they do exhibit both perfume and aroma, but they go somewhat beyond that.

Have you ever eaten a flower? Edible flowers have a distinct taste of sweet spices that generally intensifies in the finish. So “flowery” means that the aroma and perfume of flowers are there, along with the sweet spiciness of the flowers themselves. Like eating a flower.

And that’s what I love about this very fresh and very enjoyable tea. It’s like having your flowers and drinking them too!

~ ~ Special Offer for TeaGuide readers! ~ ~

Taiwan Tea Crafts very kindly invites you to try their teas by offering a 10% discount. This offer is good until March 18, 2013 and includes their already-discounted teas. Enter the discount code TEAGUIDE at checkout — and you can even use the code multiple times until the expiration date.

So if you’re a lover (or aspiring lover!) of beautiful oolongs — whether green, roasted, oxidized, aged, or scented — the elegant black teas of Taiwan, and lovely tea ware, do stop by before the offer expires!

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