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August 20, 2007

Book Review: Emma Lea’s First Tea Party

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Emma Lea’s First Tea Party
Written by Babette Donaldson; illustrated by Jerianne Van Dijk.
Retail and wholesale.
Photo courtesy of Emma Lea Books.

Emma Lea's First Tea PartyI was absolutely charmed by this delightful children’s book. The story, about a young girl’s tea party at her grandmother’s house, is a gentle, touching meditation on expectations, disappointments, communications, and family relationships.

Too many children’s stories get preachy and sickly sweet. Donaldson manages to avoid these pitfalls while still teaching us a few life lessons. Van Dijk’s almost impressionist illustrations will keep you turning the pages to see what visual treat is next.

And, of course, there’s the tea. It’s scattered liberally throughout both story and illustrations.

Although geared to ages 6 through 10 reading level, younger children will enjoy looking at the illustrations and having the story read to them — while we “older children” are certain to browse through simply for the artistry of both words and pictures. After all, as Emma Lea points out, “Tea parties should be for everyone!”

Available at book stores and tea shops. See Emma Lea Books for more details and where to purchase, or for wholesale information.

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